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Mainly the term firewalls are originally referred as the wall that is constructed for halting spread of the fire. In world of the system firewall protection, the firewall is referred to as the network device that blocks some kind of the network traffic which forms the barrier between the untrusted and trusted network. It is the analogous to the physical firewall in sense that the security of firewall attempts for blocking spread of the computer attacks. There are different type of the firewall which includes,

  • Packet filtering firewall: under this type of the firewall it holds the list of the firewall security rule that can block the traffic based on the IP protocol, the port number or IP address. Under the program of firewall management, all the web traffic gets allowed which includes the web based attack. In such situation, one must also have the intrusion prevention which is related to the firewall security for differentiating between the perfect web traffic or bad web based traffic.
  • Stateful firewalls: it is similar to the packet filtering firewall which is intelligent about keeping the track of the active connection, so that one can define well the rules of firewall management as it only allows the packet into network which is the part of the reputed outbound connections.
  • Deep packets inspection firewall: it is the application firewall which examines data in packet and therefore you can look at the application layer attack. Such kind of the firewall security is also similar to the intrusion preventive technology and is able enough in providing same functionality.
  • Application-aware firewalls: it is similar to the deep packet inspection that firewall understand some protocol and parse them, so that the rules or signature can especially addresses same field in protocol. The flexibility of approach to the protection of computer firewall is also great and permits rules or signature as comprehensive and specific.
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